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About Funnell Marketing

How I approach finding and converting the right people

Jacob Funnell: Over ten years’ experience in digital marketing

I started with in-house roles, where I would get to know the company I was working with intimately. 

Even since becoming freelance, I’ve continued to take this approach with every new client.

And whatever I do, I want to know how the very best in the world are approaching the same work.

Through forums, podcasts, Facebook groups and conversation with my peers, I keep close tabs on the developments in each of the fields I work in.

Here what’s at the centre of all my work

Your customers and clients. They should be the focus of everything you do, from the content you create to the way you report on your analytics. 

Your business strategy and your marketing goalsTactics and shiny tools are always secondary. You never, for example, just create a workflow or run an A/B test without knowing why you’re doing it, and why it’s the best use of your time.

Consistent work and robust processes. While big one-off wins are great, consistent results come from putting in the hours and the hard miles, gaining insight even from ‘failures’ and doubling down on successes. 

Industries I work with

I’ve worked in an exceptionally diverse set of industries – from household name ecommerce, to boutique businesses, to mid-sized service companies to NGOs. 

I also have particularly in-depth experience with companies working in the L&D industries, SaaS, and non-profits/charities.

How I work

I can work on one-off project work – get in touch, and if we’re a good fit I’ll put together a proposal.

I’m also able to work on a retainer or contract basis.


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