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CRO, SEO, Analytics & strategy

Search Engine Optimization

I can help you find and fix SEO problems, build out your search strategy, and create robust SEO processes for content teams.

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I want general SEO support From optimizing your content, to keyword strategy, to giving feedback on whether a particular website change will be good or bad for SEO, I’m on-hand to help.
I want an SEO audit of my site I’ll run your site through a structured audit, identifying any common problems that are holding your rankings back. I’ll also prioritize these problems, so you can fix the most significant ones first.
I want to rank better for [keyword] Great! I’m happy to talk about specific keywords, and also explore the broader context – what customer problems have you identified by naming that term? What needs are they communicating? Drop me a message and let’s talk.
I want to improve my day-to-day SEO processes I love training up teams and helping them become more self-sufficient with SEO. It saves a huge amount in agency fees and can result in better results longer term.
I want to get better feedback on my SEO performance Lots of reporting on SEO is just generic rank tracking which doesn’t give you much insight. I can provide insight into what’s relevant to your business – segmenting SEO performance by your products, services and providing insight into how well you’re doing relative to competitors.
I have a particular SEO question or problem Happy to help, send me a message here.


Conversion optimization

I can help improve your conversion rates (and eliminate junk leads) with my robust conversion optimization process.

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I’m concerned my conversion rate is too low The key here is to have faith in your conversion optimization process. Then, whatever your baseline conversion rate, you can be confident you’re taking the right actions to improve it.
I’d like to know more about what’s driving conversions I can help answer this question from lots of angles: analytics, user research, on-page tracking with tools like HotJar, and more.
I’ve tried split testing, but it’s never worked out There are lots of reasons this might be. You may simply not have enough traffic, in which case testing might not be the best use of your time. Or your initial research methodology might not be right. You might need to keep trying new ideas. Drop me a message and I’ll be happy to talk through your strategy.

Analytics and reporting

I can help you understand your entire buying cycle. I’m also certified in Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager by CXL.

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I want my analytics set up and tracking done correctly I’ll make sure I understand who you’re trying to track, and what you want to learn about them. Then I’ll do all the implementation. And if you want up-to-date dashboards of the most important facts, I can create that, too.
I want to understand where people are dropping off in my conversion funnel I love taking a helicopter view on this – seeing how each and every step of your customer’s journey can be improved. I can pool together your information from your analytics together with information from your CRM and gain the fullest understanding possible of what’s happening in your funnel. (If your CRM and your analytics aren’t talking to each other, I’ll fix that.)
I have a technical problem with my analytics I need help with Drop me a message and I’ll be happy to have a look.
I want to understand how my content is performing This is a fascinating question – and one that is usually answered sub-optimally. I can help you gain an understanding, not just of the content’s performance, but how people in segments you care about are reacting to it. That’s where the main insights and interest comes in.


Marketing strategy

Let me help you create and deliver a marketing strategy – or just give you an outside perspective on your existing plans.

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I need to reach out into new audiences, but I’m unsure how You need a clear plan of attack for reaching new audiences. You need a combination of rigorous research, clear branding and messaging, and robust processes for getting the most out of every tactic you try. I enjoy exploring these high-level problems; get in touch to discuss more.
I want a second look at our current marketing strategy An outside perspective is invaluable – one of the main ways I’ve grown my own work is getting external opinions and perspectives on what I’ve done and what I’m doing. Get in touch to learn more.



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